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EN hygiene in municipal buildings

Quality management for municipal self-cleaning or outsourcing to service providers.

Tender, specification of services and quality assurance according to DIN EN 13549

More and more property authorities are using digital control instruments from Visionclean from Landshut to design tenders for cleaning municipal buildings by service providers or own companies.

Visual specifications and quality controls create a solid working basis in order to better develop the capacities of your international cleaning staff without language barriers. Experience shows: understandable job descriptions enable more personal responsibility and participation of the cleaning staff in daily routine operations. Fig 1

New approach to quality assurance:

The Visionclean Control app according to DIN EN 13549 shows that a new culture of quality control is possible. If an inspector inspects the usage components of a workplace or room immediately after cleaning, or checks them with the usual measuring methods, it is assessed whether the cleaning has taken place regularly and professionally. Fig.2

The users of Visionclean Control report that image evaluations are easier than struggling through tons of text. All test spots of a room group are mapped so that the tester does not forget anything. At the management level, the ratings are displayed in yellow or red if the quality levels fall below two specified levels.

Existing weak points can be identified at a glance and improvement measures can be initiated. A resubmission list is generated, which saves all unsatisfactory evaluations until they are dealt with. The test images can be supplemented with an evaluation text, repair report and photo and saved as a PDF, sent or printed out. Fig 3 and 4

For follow-up and learning goal control, cleaning staff can be provided with appropriate self-assessment forms if action is required, so that they can correct errors themselves and learn in the process. Experience has shown that in-house controls by cleaning staff enable quantitative and qualitative improvements and that fewer external controls are required in the medium term. In tandem with executives, Visionclean Control is also used as an audit tool with tablets to check the process quality.

Are you wasting unnecessary travel time? Is the hygienic sequence correct to avoid the spread of germs? Experts report that a few assessments and audits in important room groups are sufficient to show whether the method is correct and how the performance cycle was fulfilled. The test image and the evaluations show whether deficits are recognizable in the main or secondary use components. Fig. 5

Future vision: Certificate for cleaning staff vs. "Everyone can clean"

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The development of Visionclean is based on the knowledge that there are basically only two sources of error when carrying out cleaning tasks: 1. Not done, 2. done incorrectly. That is why Visionclean works particularly at the cleaning and managerial level in order to upgrade the subject of cleaning.

The better the basic understanding of tasks and hygiene, the better the results. That is why Visionclean developed an e-learning program for digital learning objective control in order to ensure knowledge transfer. Basics such as occupational safety, initial training, hygiene in sanitary rooms are trained visually and digitally and checked in a self-test. If the exam is passed, a corresponding certificate will be issued. To prepare for the exam, there is also a “handbook for cleaning staff” in which all practical topics are conveyed as visually as possible without language barriers. A team of experts supports the users of Visionclean in the implementation and personnel development and carries out audits and object analyzes. Fig 6 and 7

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The vision

Cleaning staff are able to take on more personal responsibility and proactively contribute to quality assurance.

Managers maintain an overview for sustainable improvement processes.

Clients receive transparent information about QM and hygiene measures.


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