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Checking of components in roomtypes or workstations according to EU Standard 13549 3 Color coded system with 2 quality levels i.e. 85% and 75% Add comments or foto or email need for repair Locate checkers according to building data Check online or offline with tablets (Android, IOS)
Color coded list of evaluations with date and time (green, yellow, red) according to quality level. Review list weekly / end of month / export to excel / show dash board Review-List: Each check can be reviewed (pic, comment, foto) and deleted when done. The numer of checks of any roomtype will be shown. Checking pictures can be saved as pdf, printed, sent or shown to cleaners. Underlevel checks remain on review list until deleted.
All Projects and results can be viewed and filtered by the admin and processed in excel. At the end of week and month a color coded report of the level of cleanliness will be generated. Visionclean Control allows 3 Levels: Admin, Manager and Checker M and C can be connected i.e. to sites or buildings.
Security The Visionclean Control Server is located in Munich, Germany and features all standard security certificates. All data is implemented and secured by personalized pin- and access-codes.