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Visionclean facilitates on-going co-operation between the supervisory and operational levels of the cleaning business Visionclean enables cleaning staff to take full responsibility for their work product and builds confidence in their own abilities Visionclean enables cleaning staff to evaluate their own performance, independently or in tandem with management Visionclean allows management to promptly acknowledge and reward superior results Visionclean's comprehensive checklist features permit efficient spot checking by supervisory personnel With Visionclean, factors critical to customer satisfaction can be quickly identified and addressed With Visionclean, quality control couldn't be quicker or simpler: cleaning data is gathered together on a visual representation of the space that has been cleaned, either on printed templates to be marked with colored pens, or on a laptop or tablet. The whole process takes only about two minutes. Control-Data can be directly saved and interpreted via Excel. With Visionclean, your colleagues on the cleaning staff can participate directly in the quality control process and take on increased responsibility for their work product. Problems that occur in the course of cleaning can be spotted and dealt with as they arise. Visionclean continually improves morale, performance and job satisfaction by freeing the cleaning process from the obstacles posed by language barriers. Visionclean aims above all to promote collegial cooperation throughout the quality control process and thereby to enhance the satisfaction of all parties to a job well done.
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